Almond Shaped Terracotta Lamp with Greek Cross Relief


Almond Shaped Terracotta Lamp with Greek Cross Relief

Byzantine, 4th-6th century CE

terracotta: mold-made, fabric: fine with some inclusions. Munsell: 10 YR 7/4 YR very pale brown
height 3.1 cm
length 7.3 cm
width 5.0 cm

Portland State University Middle East Studies Center
Bogue Lamp Collection, Lamp ID #193, PSU 34-913


Professor Anne Nicogorski, Willamette University, cited with permission

Shape: Almond-shaped slipper lamp with circular ring base; rounded body profile; large central fill hole surrounded by raised lip; wick hole at pointed end of body surrounded by another raised lip. Decoration: Relief decoration on shoulder consisting of a band of widely spaced diagonal ridges around fill hole; Greek cross with V-shaped terminations on nozzle axis. Inscriptions: None. Condition: Intact; minor chips; worn; slight traces of burning around wick hole.