Delphiniform Terracotta Lamp with Ridge and Dot Relief


Delphiniform Terracotta Lamp with Ridge and Dot Relief

terracotta: mold-made, fabric: fine with some inclusions. Munsell: 7/5 YR 5/4 brown
height 2.3 cm
length 8.0 cm
width 6.0 cm
holes 0.9 cm

Portland State University Middle East Studies Center
Bogue Lamp Collection, Lamp ID #199, PSU 117 (141)


Professor Anne Nicogorski, Willamette University, cited with permission

This gray lamp is delphiniform and is extremely worn. The side projection is not pierced. The design on the body was of a simple radiating incised line pattern. Shape: Round-bodied lamp with flat base, outlined by shallow groove, off-center; carinated body profile; central fill hole in small concave discus; long extended nozzle, slightly triangular, rounded at tip; triangular side lug on right side (nozzle pointing up). Decoration: Relief decoration on shoulder consisting of series of grooves and ridges on nozzle axis; volutes and raised bosses flanking nozzle axis; four radiating panels on rear of shoulder with impressed dots within grooves; a few ridges and grooves on top of lug. Inscriptions: None. Condition: Intact; very worn; flaky; burnt around nozzle and top of body.