Frog Style Lamp with Palm Frond and Ring Relief


Frog Style Lamp with Palm Frond and Ring Relief

terracotta: mold-made, fabric: medium. Munsell: 10 YR 8/2 very pale brown
height 3.2 cm
length 8.2 cm
width 7.4 cm

Portland State University Middle East Studies Center
Bogue Lamp Collection, Lamp ID #328, PSU 051 (79)


Professor Anne Nicogorski, Willamette University, cited with permission

Frog lamp. There is little separation between the short, thick, pierced nozzle and the circular body. The pierced, recessed fill hole is flanked by palm fronds (one on either side) and two bumps, one posterior and one anterior. Distinct potter's mark on the bottom. Shape: Round bodied lamp with flat base; slightly carinated body profile; small concave discus with small central fill hole; short extended nozzle with wick hole set off by short groove. Decoration: Frog type lamp. Relief decoration on top consisting of pair of stylized palm fronds with small rings at their tips; another raised ring sits between them opposite nozzle; another on nozzle axis. Inscriptions: Potter's mark on base (alpha). Condition: Intact; encrusted and discolored; slight trace of burning near wick hole; minor surface chips.