Medieval Portland gathers resources that are now in the Portland, Oregon region for research and learning about medieval Europe and the Middle East. We define medieval broadly, including objects from the Late Antique and Renaissance periods. We even look at the medieval-inspired architecture in our community. Much of the work on this site was created by students in the Medieval Portland Capstone taught by Anne McClanan, Professor of Art History in the School of Art + Design at Portland State University.

The following collections are currently all or partly included:

  • Lane Community College Library
  • Mount Angel Abbey Library
  • Multnomah County Library Wilson Rare Book Room
  • Portland Art Museum Gilkey Collection
  • Portland State University Library Special Collections
  • Portland State University Middle East Studies Center Bogue Lamp Collection 
  • Reed College Library Special Collections
  • Reed College Cooley Art Gallery
  • University of Portland Library
  • Willamette University Library Special Collections

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance provided by the many people at each institution who have given ongoing and generous guidance to the Medieval Portland Capstone students over the years of the project.

We hope that this project will pique your interest in discovering more about the medieval world. At the university level, courses are taught that delve into this period all across the city, including Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, the University of Portland, and here at Portland State.

You can learn about Medieval Studies in many different ways even within one institution. At Portland State, you can earn a Medieval Studies Minor, focus on the Middle Ages in the Interpreting the Past Cluster, or take individual classes in the Art History, English, History, Music + Theater, and World Languages + Literature programs.

Don’t forget the Medieval Portland Capstone, too!