Italian (Treviso), 1480

Language: Latin

height 28 cm

University of Oregon Library, Special Collections and Archives Rare Books
Edward Burgess Early Printed Book Collection, Burgess 046


Diebold, William. The Illustrated Book in the Age of Printing: Books and Manuscripts from Oregon Collections. Portland, OR: Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, 1993, p. 19 - Quoted with permission

This initial was added by hand to this printed book [refers to page displayed in exhibit from which this text was a catalog entry]. The initial's white vine scroll and extensive use of gold leaf are reminiscent of the initials in manuscript number 3 and indicate that the same kinds of artists worked in both printed books and manuscripts. Like manuscripts 2, 3, 4, and 5, this book shows the Humanist concern with the writings of classical authors.