Homilies on the Gospels


Homilies on the Gospels

French, ca. 1350

fols. 4v-5r
fols. 9v-10r
fols. 43v-44r
fols. 92v-93r
fols. 198v-199r
fols. 233v/244v-234r/245r: Page with inscription of ownership in Latin

Language: Latin

height 14.5 cm
width 10.8 cm

This manuscript contains a series of homilies on the Gospels arranged by feast days. At the end of the work someone has added notes, along with the following inscription in Latin: This book is for the use of Brother Gabriel de Vultis (or Vultris) which he purchased from Brother Gabriel de Pichotis (or Picehotis). The initials FGDP occur at the bottom of the last page.

Mount Angel Abbey Library, Ms 51


Wilma Fitzgerald, PhD, SP - Quoted with permission from an unpublished study

Homiliarium per totum annum. Saec. XIV ex. Franciscan use. FF 244. vii [indices] + ii + 7 + 234 + ii, 145 x 108 (105 x 80) mm., two columns, 31 lines. Catchwords. Later marginal notes. Initials red or blue with filigree ascenders and descenders. At this time 11/16/98 there is no binding on the codex, it appears to be dismantled for rebinding. There are two sets of numbers, providing some confusion. Back flyleaves have later writing including former owners' names. On fol. [233v /244v]: Iste liber est ad usum fratrem Gabriel de Vulturnis [Vultris] [Volturno] quem emit a fratre Gabriele de picehotus. A.D. 1373.

[fol. 8]. Andreas. 1) Gemma gratissima expectatio praestolantis quocumque se vertit prudenter intelligit [Prou. 17, 8] Sicut ...