Hyginus, Poetica astronomica (Poetic Astronomy)


Hyginus, Poetica astronomica (Poetic Astronomy)

Italian (Venice), 1482

Language: Latin

woodcut illustrations
height 21 cm

University of Oregon Library, Special Collections and University Archives Rare Book Collection: QB22.H9


Diebold, William. The Illustrated Book in the Age of Printing: Books and Manuscripts from Oregon Collections. Portland, OR: Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, 1993, cat. no. 21, p. 24 - Quoted with permission

Printing was crucial to early modern European astronomical discoveries (e.g., Galileo, Copernicus), but the astronomy underlying the descriptions of the constellations in this printed book, which contains a text written by the ancient author Hyginus, and the rather schematic woodcuts of them, has more to-do with medieval than modern science.