Polycronycon Leaf
English (Westminster), 1482


Higden, Ranulf (English chronicler, born ca.1280 or 1299, died 1364)
Trevisa, John (Cornish translator, active 1385, died 1402)
Caxton, William (English printer, publisher, and translator, ca. 1427-1492)

Single leaf

Language: Middle English

height 27 cm
width 20 cm

Fragment: Leaf CCXXX from the first English edition of "The Polycronicon" by Ranulf Higden. Translated from Latin to English by John Trevisa. Edited and printed and with continuation by William Caxton. All three individuals are named on p. a3v of the original book.

Portland State University Library Special Collections
Mss 7, Rose-Wright Manuscript Collection no. 23